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APIs (application programming interfaces) & Web Service technology have become one of the key web traffic & revenue strategies for Internet businesses these days. API standards like SOAP and later REST have been used for years, however what is new is that this technology is not only seen as a technical enabler but as a commercial enabler for new business opportunities. GoToWebMarketing understands these technologies and has the right toolsets to leverage your business through an API. We analyze your business and elaborate which functionalities can be leveraged through an API. We then provide you with the necessary tools to execute.
What are the key benefits of providing a managed API:
  1. Reach & Relevance: With the size of the web reaching 1 trillion unique URLs, there are good and bad news: although there are every day more possibilities to promote products & services, it is also always more difficult to get noticed. APIs provide a key enabler that allows Internet businesses to go beyond their own website and try to be visible on every other website
  2. New distribution channel: APIs can simply be seen as a new distribution channel. While the original website is usually the main channel, APIs allow to reach, promote and sell the companys content or functionality to other websites. The main difference to RSS however is that the content user (the mashup) can be identified, monitored and charged for their usage.
  3. New business model: APIs allow a new way to create new business opportunities. I usually differentiate between a direct or indirect business model, meaning an either direct way to monetize the content or functionality usage of a user (by hit or flat rate) or simply an indirect way of commercialization, meaning not being charged for the actual usage, but leveraging traditional business models through increase of reach.
  4. Innovation & Synergies: Due to flexible integration and re-usage of content & functionality on the web, APIs foster innovation. The next major evolution cycle of the Internet will be a web, mashed-up from various sources of raw data, exploiting synergies to create something new with additional value add.