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Marketing Consulting Services

GotoWebMarketing offers a wide range of marketing consulting services for companies looking to increase their website's traffic, qualified leads, sales and return on investment.


The first step is to analyze your current placement as well as to define your objectives. Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What are their surfing habits? What is your unique selling proposition?


From there we work with you to prepare a marketing strategy specifically tailored to your company's needs. This goes well beyond the search engines. There are vast amounts of techniques that can increase traffic, from affiliates programs to email marketing.


Most marketing companies lure clients by suggesting that you can get results simply by choosing better keywords and submitting your site a dozen more times. We know better. Getting results depends on dozens of easily overlooked key factors, the most critical of which includes optimizing a site’s content to capture the interest of visitors. Although changes can be made relatively quickly, results can often take time to surface. For this reason, you need a company who can help you set realistic goals, develop a plan and see it through.

Search Engine Marketing

Paid search such as Adwords, Yahoo and Bing can deliver increased visitor traffic in a short time. For this reason, we recommend its use at the start of campaigns before Natural Search starts to work. However, the quality of the traffic as measured by its conversion to sales must be carefully and continually checked. The results from these measurements will dictate which keywords will be the ones used to optimize the site content for the search engines. GotoWebmarketing combines continuous diligent keyword research and conversion analysis to deliver impressive RoI.

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